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Findoc Wealth is a leading Intermediary company dealing in unlisted/delisted shares. We are a technology-led intermediary that deals in buy/sell unlisted, delisted, untraded, unquoted, private equity, Pre IPO, startup, illiquid, antique, ESOPs and suspended shares.

Technology Driven

We have implemented advanced technology and digitisation to facilitate the customer’s experience

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We believe in focussing on the customers rather than the competition and so we have an amazing team of customer-friendly employees. We are always focussed on increasing customer satisfaction.

Experienced Management Team

The team at Findoc Wealth has decades of experience in the field of financial services. They have rich and proven track record of execution strength and management


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are unlisted shares?

    The unlisted shares are the securities that are not traded on any exchange, NSE/BSE/MSEI in case of our country.Though these shares are not Listed ,the prospective buyer can buy these shares from a seller who holds these shares in their demat account through an over the counter deal , directly or through an intermediary.

  • Why do Unlisted shares exist ?

    Unlisted shares are primarily issued by companies which are at an early stage of business or may require.

    Unlisted shares are also issued by companies who are not meeting the listing guidelines currently or are not willing to list their shares in near term.

    Unlisted shares of some big companies are also available in market as employees of these companies, who are holding ESOPs, want to exit due to their liquidity requirement.

    Issuance of unlisted shares helps companies know the approximate valuation of their business in case they want to list in future.

  • What is the difference between listed and unlisted shares?

    A public company when it gets listed on the stock exchange and offers the shares through a public offering and thereafter these shares are traded through exchange platform in secondary markets, that security is called as listed shares. While when a public company raises money by selling shares over the counter to any entity ,individual or institution and not by getting listed on any stock exchange, it is called as unlisted shares.

  • Can I Sell unlisted shares, If I own them ?

    In order to sell unlisted share, you need to have them in your demat account. Although the liquidity of such shares might be low but you can inform the intermediary dealing in unlisted share about your offer to sell. The process of selling your shares and buying by another investor is done over the counter.

  • Can I buy unlisted shares?

    There are many platforms available for the retail investors to deal in unlisted companies. The investor is required to have a demat account and with minimal paperwork the shares are transferred to their account. It is a smooth process to buy unlisted shares.

  • Can public company be delisted?

    Delisting is the removal of a listed security from a stock exchange , voluntary or involuntary normally when a company stops operations, declares bankruptcy, merges, does not meet listing requirements, or seeks to become private. A public company can be delisted from the stock exchange by taking a few regulatory steps. To fulfil this, they have to buy the outstanding shares back from the common shareholders typically at a premium. This process generally takes place when a company is trading undervalued on the exchange.

  • Can mutual fund invest in unlisted companies?

    Yes, the mutual funds can invest in the unlisted companies as per regulations laid by SEBI. However, there has been a limit as per category defined by the regulatory body for such exposure of investments.

  • How do I buy Unlisted stocks?

    The process varies from intermediary to intermediary . Becoming an anchor investor or acquiring shares from the existing shareholder can be few of the other methods to take part in the Pre IPO stocks. The process of investing starts with understanding the company to selecting the right platform . There a number of platforms that facilitate investing in Pre-IPO Startups. Findoc Wealth is one such platform which helps in making this process hassle-free.Secondly, you can also buy the shares from the existing shareholders. Another way to go about is via investing in Alternate Investment Funds.

  • Can I sell pre IPO stock?

    Yes, you can sell your pre-IPO stocks via regular over-the-counter trade. However, there are certain restrictions laid when the IPO gets listed. After IPO , the stock you held prior to ipo are locked in for a period of one to three years depending upon the category of the investor. These guidelines come along with several exceptions, for example, if you are an anchor investor you can sell shares post one month of listing.

  • What are the benefits of investing in Unlisted stocks ?

    Unlisted stocks are new avenue for diversification of your portfolio.

    They can be bought in small denomination starting from Rs 5000

    You can participate in growth of company before the IPO also.

  • What are the pitfalls of investing in Unlisted stocks ?

    Unlisted shares are a high risk product

    Unlisted Stocks has lot of ILLIQUIDITY , so there is liquidity risk. If the company you have invested in , doesn't do well ,you might not get the exit.

    After the listing date unlisted shares are locked in for a period of 1 year.

  • What is the taxation for unlisted shares?

    Unlisted shares held for less than 24 months are considered as short-term capital asset and is taxed at marginal rate of tax as per individual slab.

    Unlisted shares held for more than 24 months are considered as long-term capital asset and is taxed at 20% with indexation benefit.

    Unlisted shares held till Listing and sold after a year of listing, is considered as a long-term capital asset, and is taxed at 10% like a listed equity .

    Please Consult you tax consultant for detailed provisions of Income tax Act affecting unlisted stocks.

  • Is it safe to buy unlisted shares?

    Investing in unlisted shares can bring profits/ losses or can sometimes be misleading to retail investors. The common issues faced by the investors are the uncertainty of the fair price, hiding material facts, and promising soon listing. The investing becomes much safer and easier with the right awareness provided to the retail customers.

  • Which are the most attractive opportunities in unlisted stocks at present ?

    Findoc Wealth does not offer any advisory services so please contact your Financial advisor who can guide and advice to make an informed investment decision


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